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Vallejo Speedway Hardtops & Memories
Dennis Agostino sends us these pictures of the old Hot Rod or Roadster division that ran during the 40's & 50's. The 1st photo is from Pacheco Speedway, the other is a series of shots from the old Oakland Speedway. Plus a couple of other shots from way back when...Thanks Dennis
Driver George Pacheco recieved a neck injury in this crash at the old Pacheco Speedway
Take a close look at these shots from Oakland Speedway
1st one car rear ends another on the high banks
a 3rd car joins hits the other 2, and the driver gets thrown out
The driver who was thrown out rests against the wall as a 4th car hits the group
The # 73 starts to turn over as another day at Oakland Speedway continues... Bay Fair Mall is now located at the site that was once Oakland Speedway
George Pacheco goes over Gene Tussian at Stockton
Here's a shot taken at Pacheco (Contra Costa Speedway ) just before the a midget trophy dash. Being shown the trophy are Freddie Agabashin and Jerry Piper, Piper won