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Vallejo Speedway hosted more than just the Hardtop class, there were Super Stocks, Street Stocks, Super Modifieds, Sprints, etc. If you have any photos from any division that raced at Vallejo E-MAIL them to me in ipg. format and we''ll keep the memories of Vallejo Speedway alive! 
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Bob Manzer Vallejo
Photo Collection Page 7
Bob Manzer was kind enough to sent us over 70 photos from his families Vallejo Speedway days. Bob who currently resides in Idaho is still involved in racing there. His family's' service station business sponsored different hardtops during the 60's. There a lot of great shots Bob sent so it will take me a bit to get them all posted, Thanks Bob
If you can help indentify any of the drivers from these photos drop us the informatiom at and I'll post it on the site.
Earl Perry circles the track in his Pinole Auto Parts sponsored car during a Hardtop & Super Modified Vallejo show
Supers & Hartops pack the Vallejo clay for a night of action
Lear Mineharts Hardtops chassis exposed for all to see. The hardtops were a fairly simple machine but tough to handel.
Another shot of Lear's hardtop, notice where the battery and fuel tank are located. The driver is centered in the car also.
Super Mods up close and personal from the Vallejo infield