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Vallejo Speedway Hardtops & Memories Pages
Jeff Pike sent this e-mail to me about some information and memories he had of Vallejo Speedway and some of the people who ran there. I thought you all would like to see it and Jeff agreed to let it be posted. Thanks, Jeff
Had a little time to check out your hardtop page. Good job!

A little information on the No. 80 hardtop... seeing as your collecting.
Jim and Ginny Case of San Pablo owned the car. (My best friend was their son Jimmy.) It was a 1937 Ford Sedan with chassis built by Gil Florke (?). "Babs" prepared the engines. The car had a 1967 Z28 motor with 6 strombergs and ran from 1967 to 1970 when it was parked. It was purple in color and sponsored by A&D Auto Wreckers, Porter Radiator and Monument Marine (Jim's business where I worked as a kid.) I remember when they added power steering and had to stick mufflers (blue cherry bomb glasspaks) on it. It had about two balls of string tightly wrapped around the steering wheel for grip and a boat fuel tank right behind the driver. I don't not believe there was any titanium (haha). The motor as pulled (I know were it sits today and I ain't telling) and the car/chassis and trailer were given to Dick Karnes at A&D where it met its fate with the crusher or so I am told by Rick Karnes. Those who drove include Laney Westbrook, Lanny Walker, Wally Kent and Wally Teed and a couple of others on a limited basis. I really doubt that the driver in the car is Westbrook because he drove only a half dozen shows or so but it could be. Laney did have a very similar car that was also purple in color, but was number 18. It also ran as a super at San Jose on occasion.

Jim passed away last December right about the time I lost my father. As a kid growing up we would ride in the back of his truck to Vallejo on Saturdays and it was the coolest thing. I still remember freezing my ass off, laying down on those old Firestone tire in the back of the truck and looking up to see the Benicia Bridge on our way home after the races. There was always the stop at Rod Hickory Pit for a late night breakfast too. 

I called Jim a couple of years ago when the WSS ran Petaluma and he came in the pits and crewed for me the couple of times we ran. He really got a kick out of seeing my race with Ole "Bang Bang" and had a really good time. Like my dad, he dropped dead of a heart attack, which is the way both of them wanted to go.

The picture struck up some memories and I thought I would share them. Growing up in San Pablo I lived a half dozen houses down from Tom Million (I was in love with his daughter Lori who would not give me the time of day), Pat Blakely, Roger Greenlee and on and on etc, etc. San Pablo was a hot bed for the hardtop drivers.

I am reworking the WSS car so that it will look a little like the Ole Number 80, Purple and Silver and number 80 for this years races. I am going to run as time permits, not chasing points or any thing like that. A little NCMA, little Chowchilla and maybe Antioch.


Jeff Pike