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Vallejo Speedway Hardtops & Memories Pages
More Wild Bill Perry...Thoughts, photos, and stories from his son Rick Perry about his dad and Vallejo Speedway
This one was at Vallejo Speedway in1951. He was always seems up to his nickname. He told me that  he had this car
for only 2 months.He also told me that the person that caused this wreck was a fellow driver named Bill Maher or Mayer.

This one is dated 1952 at Vallejo Speedway.As you can see in the dad looks like he's somewhat perturbed that those other two vehicles made illegal turns in front of him.He had the #94 car
for a whole year(somewhat of a record).He totalled it out one night and I have the picture to prove it (ha-ha).He was always pretty hard on the equipment but since he built his own was he who had to replace it when he broke it.A few years ago he and I were reminiscing about the good old days and he said, "You know ....we used to get these cars for a dime a dozen at the wrecking yards, now a dime doesen't even
get you a phone call anymore."He also said that Vallejo Speedway was one of the fastest dirt-clay ovals on the West Coast.

Well...I just thought that I'd show you a picture of Dad actually with all four wheels on the ground, and leading the race...still in 1952 at Vallejo Speedway.

See..........I told you I had the photo to prove it.

I guess Dad (left) thought that this looked like a good place to park.

One of the times that he brought home the Hardware.This was at Pacheco
Speedway in 1954............this was about 2 months before his bad wreck.

This was the Aftermath of the bad wreck at Pacheco Speedway he had that
almost took his life on July 3 1954..............It was also my first birthday.

This was one of my dad's close friends who raced at Vallejo up until about 1968 when he finally retired from racing.I also went to school with his son who is also my age. His name is Bill Hammond. I haven't heard from Bill or his son Bill jr.since I graduated from high school in 1971. I believe that they moved from the Vallejo Area .